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Animal Control

Is there anything I should know about pet ownership in Rowlett?

If you are a pet owner, you must register your pet with the City of Rowlett.  You have thirty days (30) to obtain your pet registration once you have taken residence in the city or bring home a new animal. The registration fee for an unaltered dog or cat is $10.00 per animal.The registration fee for an altered dog or cat is $5.00 per animal. Seniors 60 and over whose pets have been altered can obtain their pet registration free of charge.  You may get a replacement tag if you loose the original for $1.00.  Ferrets an d Pot-Bellied Pigs are $20.00 to register and require special documentation. Like most cities, Rowlett city ordinance does require that dogs be restrained, either indoors,behind a secure fence, or a leash. Any questions, please call the shelter at 972-412-6219 press 5.

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